Health Guarantee:

I, _________________________ Purchased a _______ (Male/Female) German Shepherd Puppy from GermanPups, an AKC approved kennel, on ___/___/_____ (MM/DD/YYYY) for the agreed upon purchase price of $______________ plus shipping. GermanPups Guarantees this PET companion puppy to be healthy.

The buyer should have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within sixteen (16) days of sale. If the examinatin shows that the puppy is diseased or has a congenital disorder, the buyer may return the puppy to the breeder with the veterinarian's written statement within two business days of the examination. GermanPups will provide the buyer with a replacement of the puppy, or money back for any puppy which is found to be unhealthy or unfit. The breeder is NOT required to pay veterinarian expenses after purchase.

SOUTH CAROLINA PET LEMON LAW — Section 47-13-16 of the SC Code. Covers contagious or infectious diseases for 14 days; congenital or hereditary defects are covered for up to 6 months. NO refunds after (6) months.

GermanPups kennel requires a certified copy of the veterinarian's diagnoses stating the condition in that case. An unsatisfactory condition for the purpose of this contract shall be defined as any congenital or hereditary condition that would severely affect the heaalth or well being of such said puppy. Being said, this does not include worms, parasites, or any other minor treatable conditions. All GermanPups puppies are de-wormed with "Strongid" and "Panacur" as well as by using "Albon" and "Metronidazole" (or generic equivalents). The GermanPups kennel maintains clean, dry, parasite free and healthy living conditions. GermanPups kennel selects and uses only good quality puppy and dog food. Ordinarily all of our puppies are fed "Victor" Super Premium High Pro Plus Formula for puppies and active adults. To maintain their healthy condition puppies should kept on a good quality feeding program.

Hip Dysplasia Guarantee:

GermanPups kennels guarantees that if any genetic hip dysplasia develops before TWO (2) years and (1) month from the date of birth and if the hip dysplasia should severely impact the health of the dog, GermanPups at their discretion, may offer the buyer another puppy when one becomes available. All reasonable measures have been taken to prevent hip displasia and it is known that there is never can be a 100% guarantee, as these are living beings. Other known factors that contribute to hip dysplasia are diet, quality of exercise and injury. GermanPups kennels requires certified copies of pertinent Xrays and certified copies of OFA certificate stating that the puppy failed the test. OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals.

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NOTE: This is a representative guarantee form. An final form may vary slightly from this form in layout and final wording. Ask us for details if you have questions.   the GermanPups goal is to warrant the quality of our dogs and satisfy our customer's concerns to the best of our ability.
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